United American Power Group

Simple Solutions for Energy Efficiency®

What we offer

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, non-residential buildings are, on average, wasting 30% of their energy. Much of this waste is due to outdated technology and equipment. As energy costs are one of the top five operating expenses of companies and municipalities, reducing them can result in significant savings to the owner, shareholder and taxpayer. Our company provides facility owners and managers the opportunity to upgrade to energy efficient equipment and technology with no upfront costs and minimal effect on budgets. The process is simple. Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive energy audit of your facility to identify where you are wasting energy. You will then receive a report describing any equipment and technology upgrades that can benefit you. You choose the level and quality of upgrades to be installed, and we ensure you receive the rebates, incentives and tax credits to which you are entitled.

Benefits to You

Once your facility implements the upgrades, you own the equipment. The cost of the project will be recovered on a separate, untaxed line item on your energy bill that takes advantage of your reduction in energy usage. Your energy bill will remain about the same until the expiration of the payoff period, after which you will enjoy your energy savings in full.