Commercial buildings include a variety of building types and uses--offices, stores and warehouses just to name a few—and they account for about 19% of the energy consumed in the nation. Therefore, substantial financial and ecological benefit can be gained from upgrading them to energy efficiency. 

The top five energy-consuming building categories use about half of the energy consumed by all commercial buildings, and they include the following types of buildings:

Last updated: September 28, 2018 (U.S. Energy Information Administration)


According to National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, energy represents the largest controllable operating cost of a commercial building. Compared to a conventional building, the lifetime energy cost savings produced by an energy-efficient building can reach millions of dollars. 



Energy needs vary, but when viewed as a whole more than half of the energy used in commercial buildings goes to heating and lighting. That said, significant savings can be realized updating other systems as well.


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Our engineers can provide you with an assessment that identifies your energy waste and suggest tailored remedies to address that waste without affecting your budget.